A Swedish classic

The Bia Bed has become a Swedish classic, out of all dog beds the Bia Bed is the most popular. The strong artificial leather that surrounds the bed is though and easy to clean. But the most essential of all the Bia Beds advantages is - the dog likes it. The Bia Bed comes in many different colours and sizes and there is also a soft cover as an accessoar.



Why the dog chooses a Bia Bed?

The dog lies in a bed that has edges and for that reason it´s draft free. The Bia Bed is filled with soft and proper polyeter of the highest quality that is easy on the dogs joints and provides a support for the dogs back.

The Bia Bed is a good alternative because it´s easy to clean and because it´s comfortable for the dog. The bed can be rolled up or folded as a mattress which makes it easy to transport.