A Swedish classic

The Bia Bed has become a Swedish classic, and a bed that the dog prefers to lie in. 

The strong artificial leather that surrounds the bed is though and easy to clean. The polyether provides ergonomic support for the dog and the edges to speak canine instincts of wolf genes.

Best of all about the Bia Beds are -The dogs love them! That is why the Bia Bed is Scandinavians most sold dog bed.



Why will your dog prefer a Bia Bed?

The Bia Bed offers edges all around which makes it draft free. It is filled with soft and proper polyether of the highest quality, which offers comfort on the dog’s joints, and provides support for the dogs back.


The beds come in several different models and sizes with many accessories. The core is made of a freon free polyether padding, which supports the dog ergonomically, and offers comfort for Chihuahuas as well as Great Danes. 

Our brochure

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