The original since 1969 – A SWEDISH CLASSIC

Good to know

The Bia Bed has been manufactured since 1969 and it is the only original. Bia has over the years developed into an increasingly better product thanks to new research about dog behavior and the international material development.

The Bia´s soft and ergonomic beds have become the dogs’ favorite and they are created based on our 45 years of experience and on all the positive reactions we have received from dogs, dog owners and retailers.

The story about the dog Bia

Bia von Fürstenfeldt was the doberman pinscher who gave name to the Bia Bed. Bengt Asklöf who in the late 60´s was working in the furniture business bought the dog Bia. The only alternative for a bed at that time was a steel constructed bed that was not comfortable. Bengt saw that Bia wanted to lie hight up with her head and that the steel pipes where uncomfortable for her, so he created a brand new model, a soft bed with ergonomic edges for her head to rest on.

Bia von Fürstenfeldt loved her bed. When she had to spend a couple of nights at the veterinary station Bengt was told to bring something that belonged to her, so she would feel safe. Bengt brought the bed and the veterinary encouraged Bengt to start a production of the bed. The Bia Bed was born.

The rumour spread quickly about Bias good night sleep and the demand grew. Bengt Asklöf started an industrial manufacturing of the bed in 1969 and the company still runs in the family, third generation, in Valdemarsvik, Sweden.

Bia 1969

Bed care

Bia is a dog bed that is easy to take care of. It normally holds a dog’s lifetime and comes with a two year warranty on material defects. Bia bed is easy to handle and keep clean.

The Bia Originals and our other products with artificial leather should only be wiped with a mild soap solution. Never use strong cleaning products, as the plasticizer in the artificial leather then can dry out.

If the bed happens to be damaged, there is replacement cover in artificial leather to purchase so that you do not need to buy a new bed.

The pilé cover be washed at 40 degrees and tumble dried at a low temperature to get the fibers to rise again.

The cover for Bia Outdoor can be washed in the machine, 40 degrees synthetic program and it will keep it´s repellent ability if it´s ironed or tumble dried with at least 80 degrees after a wash. Do not use softener.